Harley Rocker Discontinued

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From 1964, the first Harley-Davidson to have electric starting. Model K and KK 46 cu in (750 cc) flathead 1952–1953 Last 45 street solo, all-new engine, first civilian H-D with rear suspension model kr: 46 cu in (750 cc) flathead 1953–1969 Racing only Model KH and KHK 54.2 cu in (888 cc) flathead 1954–1956

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31-08-2016  · Hey all, I was at the dealership yesterday looking for some parts for my switchback. First parts guy really had no clue, but I digress. I was told that the switchback will no longer be made because of the off design of it. I just purchased a …

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Harley-Davidson launched a line of bicycles in 1917 in hopes of recruiting customers for its motorcycles. models included the traditional diamond frame men’s bicycle, a step-through frame 3–18 "Ladies Standard", and a 5–17 "Boy Scout" for youth. The effort was discontinued in 1923 because of disappointing sales.

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