Falling Asleep While Driving

FALLING ASLEEP WHILE DRIVING !! *UNEXPECTED REACTION* VLOGMAS 2018 DAY 1 7-11-2018  · How often do Americans fall asleep while driving? According to a survey among nearly 150,000 adults in 19 states and the District of Columbia: 4% reported …

Sleep-deprived driving (commonly known as tired driving, drowsy driving, or fatigued driving) is the operation of a motor vehicle while being cognitively impaired by …

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Luis Gonzales grew up taking care of his mother, assisting her when she was bedridden while he was still young. Now, his mother is preparing to bury him.

Facts and Stats. According to the National Sleep Foundation’s 2005 Sleep in America poll, 60% of adult drivers – about 168 million people – say they have driven …

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