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Before/After Harley
Before/After V-Max


From polishing Aluminum parts to restoring a brilliant shine to stainless steel, We Can Help!

Materials and Metals which can be buffed Polished

bulletSteel; Iron, Stainless or other Hard Metals
bulletSoft Metals; Brass, Copper aluminum, Die-cast, Zink
bulletChrome Nickel Plate
bulletSolid and Plated Gold Silver


We can take your damaged pitted Aluminum or raw casting parts or any part from any restorable condition to a shining brilliance,.





Tin-Zink Plating
We also have the ability to rejuvenate your parts with a Quality Tin-Zinc Plating.
Black Oxide OEM Finish
Additionally, We have the ability to restore that Black Oxide OEM Finish, a corrosion resistant coating. Durable and Economical.    Not a Paint or a Dye This coating provides a true OEM type coating on any iron or steel part (except Stainless)

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E-mail me at info@whitesmotorcycles.com to inquire about our Polishing Services



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September 11, 2001

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