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Chrome Plating: Wheels, Swingarm, and most other parts on your bike.

Quality is the Difference!

White's Motorcycles Inc. works with one of the premiere Chrome Platers and now offers a full service custom chrome plating, weather you are restoring or customizing.  All chrome platers are NOT the same. What sets our service apart from the rest?

   Our plating service has the ability to chrome a variety of wheel styles: We are able to offer plating on most aftermarket and original equipment aluminum wheels.  Please contact us if you have any special styles such as two-piece wheels.

    Turn-around Time: Everyone needs their wheels plated ASAP. Most wheels can be plated in less than two weeks. Turn around times can be higher or lower depending on wheel style and the time of the year we receive the wheels.

Quality; We take special care to insure that your wheels are handled with special care in the chrome preparation, polishing and chemical process to assure you receive the quality you deserve.


We offer chroming on most styles of sportbike and Harley Davidson wheels (excluding wire wheels).  Before sending your wheels, be sure to remove the bearings. Most cycle shops can assist you with this.

Click on the photos to see the before and after pictures



Click Here to see the  photos of Steve's 2000 Yamaha V-Max "HoleShot" , please be patient


The most common method of shipping is by UPS Ground or FedEx Ground Service.  Prior to shipping your wheels feel free to contact us for any additional shipping  information, or special shipping instructions.


Upon receipt, your wheels are carefully logged into our shipping system, photographed and engraved with a I.D. number (inside the wheel) This insures that all parts are returned to the original customer.

Before the plating process begins, the wheels are striped of all paint, polished to a high smooth finish, then chemically prepared for plating.  Next, a layer of copper is added and the wheels are polished once again.  Layers of nickel and chromium are added to create an eye catching shine.  Finally, the wheels are buffed, cleaned and inspected before being shipped back to the customer.


White's Motorcycles, Inc. in conjunction with the plating service warrants to the original owner/customer that the chrome plating finish on one-piece aluminum wheels is free from defects in material and workmanship, under normal and intended use, for a period of one year from the date of original return ship date.

White's Motorcycles agrees to repair, at our discretion, without charge to the customer, any plated finish that is determined to be defective.  The repair or replacement dose not include any of the costs of removal or installation, labor or freight costs for returning the item to White's Motorcycles Inc.

This warranty dose not transfer to any subsequent owner(s) of the plated product.

Products returned for warranty will be rejected for, but not limited to the following:


Damage caused by neglect;


Damage caused by improper installation;


Damage caused by using abrasive, acid or other harsh cleaning methods;


Damage caused by accident, curb damage attempted theft or abnormal use.

    ** Please note: Warranty applies to one-piece, cast aluminum wheels only.





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